Spotlight: Specificity of Identity, and Bisexuality in Malinda Lo’s ‘Adaptation’ & ‘Inheritance’

In the many exchanges between characters in Malinda Lo’s novels ‘Adaptation’ (2012) and ‘Inheritance’ (2013), rather than shy away from labelling, the narrative embraces specific terminology in order to promote conversation – for both its characters and its readers.

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Supergirl takes steps in diversifying on-screen representation

Fans of Supergirl have had many reasons for being excited this past month since its second season premiered at its new home on The CW. Those who had wondered throughout season one if Superman would ever show up on his cousin’s show finally got their question answered when the Man of Steel made a guest appearance in the first two return episodes. But there was another cause for excitement …

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Spotlight: Bisexual representation on ‘Person of Interest’

Amongst its many complexities, ‘Person of Interest’ manages to portray a number of queer characters who are just as fully realised and nuanced as their straight counterparts. Fans of the show have embraced this representation, but outside of a select group of viewers, discussion of LGBTQ+ representation in pop culture very rarely acknowledges the CBS show’s contributions.

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