SOPHIE WATCHES | Robocop (1987)

Trying out something new: I will reproduce the transcripts of my conversations with a friend whilst I watch films.  She and I text a lot whilst we watch things, so it will probably become a common feature on this website, hopefully illustrating some witty insight amongst my live reactions.  My friend’s text is in blue.  Time-stamps reflect the time at which the messages were sent, not where in the film’s runtime the scene occurs .  Mostly I’m retaining them just for the sake of breaking up each comment.

First up is cult classic Robocop (1987), which I had somehow never seen before.  Needless to say, spoilers feature.

21:03 I’m watching Robocop whilst I wait for my stew to finish cooking

21:04 I’ve still never watched it

21:06 There’s a scene quite early on where there’s a demo of a robot during a board meeting
And it malfunctions
21:07 It doesn’t observe that the guy had put the gun down
And shoots him
A lot
In this board meeting
It’s so violent lol
Like major overkill
Anyway that’s a pretty famous scene
It’s really brutal and nobody really cares about the guy
21:10 The way these cops run with their guns
You can tell actors didn’t receive training back then lol
21:11 Also this cop
She caught a dude when he was peeing, pointed her gun, told him to freeze. He asked if he could zip his trousers up first. The camera closed up on her face for ages. Then eventually she looked down and he got the drop on her.
It was so weird
21:12 Now these two criminals are cracking up at the TV which was showing a woman with a giant boob cake being shoved into her chest
This film is weird
21:15 According to the film caption, this cop now gonna get shot to pieces
His hand was blown off
It’s just broken bone sticking out and blood pouring
21:16 his arm got blown off
That was a lot of body shots
They all laughed whilst they did it
So gruesome
21:17 Anyway he gon’ become Robocop now
I don’t get how he still alive
They shot him in the head
And like a million times in the torso
21:30 The acting in this is so cheesy
Everyone so over dramatic lol
21:30 Robocop has arrived!
21:37 This criminal just keeps yelling “fuck me!” as he shoots Robocop
Oh this guy got shot in the dick by Robocop
21:39 This reporter asked a police lieutenant what was gonna happen next as there’s a standoff with a hostage taker inside city hall. The lieu’s response: “we wait. Terrorism is a very tricky business”
21:42 An advert on the TV advertises a new family board game called NUKEM. “Get them, before they get you!”
21:59 I am not even remotely surprised that this guy does coke
This one chick he’s with poured some between her breasts for him to snort
22:00 Now he has a home invasion and the bad guy grabbed him and just said “bitches, leave”
Rude af

This film was made in the 80s, right?

87 it came out

It sounds very 80s

22:27 Omg this big robot. Chasing after Robocop but it’s like a Dalek. It doesn’t know how to go down stairs
It just fell down the stairwell
And thrashed around
It was hilarious
22:41 Wow, people just chucking around the f-slur in this film
22:42 Oh look, the black guy was the first of the criminals to die
22:43 This guy drove into a vat of toxic waste and instantly came out deformed like it was The Simpsons
Ewww he got hit by a car and went splat with his head popping off
22:45 Lady cop got shot a bunch of times
The dude shooting her is the same guy who said “bitches, leave”
And he just says “byebye, baby!”
He’s so cheesy
22:46 Oh no, Robocop got mega impaled
22:47 Literally everyone is just lying in this river surrounded by scrap metal, and bleeding out everywhere
22:51 Well that was quite a strange film

22:55 Robocop sounds weird as hell

22:57 Yeah it’s v weird. It’s quite satirical. It definitely has something to say


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