SOPHIE WATCHES | Luke Cage (2016), 1.01 ‘Moment of Truth’

It’s time to get into the the highly anticipated, new Marvel show from Netflix, Luke Cage! Kat and I started watching it at almost exactly the same time, and as it happened, my brother joined in not long after.  As always, the time-stamps reflect the time at which the messages were sent, not where in the episode’s runtime the scene occurs.  Spoilers lie ahead.

22:28 Luke Cage time

22:29 Same!
We should press play at the same time.
3, 2, 1 …

22:30 I can’t. I already started

22:32 Oh gosh this credit sequence is gorgeous
Also every time I see a sign for the NY subway, I think I’m playing The Division
22:37 I just love Luke

[heart eyes emoji]

22:38 Only five mins in and this show has already crafted a sense of community within the neighbourhood

I know right

22:41 “I love it when you do stuff like that”. As do we all, Pop
22:44 Lol this guy just bounced off him
22:45 “The old dude with the shield” haha
22:46 I love that this guy on the street’s selling DVDs of actual [Avengers] events instead of pirated movies

That was funny
22:47 Oh no
“Justin Hammer-level shit”

22:48 Oh look, an Asian character who’s not mystical/villainous
Strange how easy that was

Took long enough

Not on this show [flame emoji]

[3x flame emoji]
22:50 well this kid is an asshole

Awww Luke also has your old job
22:52 I’m so excited about the quality acting in this show

Luke is so cheesy

22:53 Luke is so fine

Well that too

22:56 Everything about this scene in the club is so great. Staging, set design, music, colour palette
Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard
The way the live music changes with the mood of the conversation/narrative
22:59 Ok so you need to explain to me who Justin Hammer is

Did you ever watch Iron Man 2?

23:00 At yours, whilst drinking wine
I don’t recall much of it

The guy who was like Tony Stark but not as good
And couldn’t deliver a joke to save his life

Lol ok I do not remember him at all
Who played him?

Sam Rockwell
[provides video of Iron Man 2 scene]

23:04 I … do not recall that scene from IM2 at all

How much were you drinking?

23:05 However much your mum gave me

Too much

Wait that’s how Rhodey got his suit?


I don’t remember that
Oh I think I recognise the visual of Tony landing on the stage

I want to make you watch this film again but then …
I don’t have the patience to sit through the scene where he invents an element in his basement again
Keep in mind I’ve studied how hard it is to make new elements

23:06 That does not sound great
23:08 This shot from Luke Cage however is fingertip kiss-worthy

23:10 Also the guy who directed this first episode also directed the pilot of the Designated Survivor show I was telling you about

Oh cool

23:12 Oh man, that shotgun blast to center mass
23:13 The way this red from the club is contrasting with these cool greens in the scrapyard
23:14 Yoooo they were allowed to say ‘fuck’
Jessica Jones wasn’t allowed to use that


23:15 Literally I read an interview with the showrunner and she said they were given a lot of leeway but couldn’t use that
23:16 “Yo, I made a decision” is totally how you explain shooting dead another member of your crew

I know right

23:20 Luke: You’re beautiful. But … you’re a little older than he usually likes them.
Misty: Yeah … you’re definitely not getting a tip tonight.
23:22 “I ponder a woman”
Luke …
ya got me
What a line
So succint yet poetic


23:23 Noooooo


23:24 Ok … cheesy. But oddly smooth
“Why don’t you … ponder me another Cosmo?”

Probably the confidence behind it

It’s not confidence, it’s suavity lol
23:25 Dante’s out sick … now permanently
23:26 Goddamnit why do I feel so seduced by him simply making a cocktail

23:27 Probably because he’s trying to seduce her

Probably … damn it works
The way Alfre Woodard said “he’s wearing a little jacket”
23:28 Ohhhhh Dante alive

23:33 10 mins in to Luke Cage and I’m [‘OK’ hand signal emoji]

23:34 30 mins in and I’m [3x ‘OK’ hand signal emoji]

He’s so fucking good

23:35 I know
I knew the moment I heard Mike Colter was cast he was gonna be great
He’s so good in The Good Wife

23:36 It already feels like the most grown up, relevant and immensely watchable of all the Marvel shows

23:37 Yep, that’s pretty much what all the reviews have been saying this past week
I love how just from the first five minutes you already get such a sense of location as character

23:38 I knoooow
I love locations as characters
Don’t get that with Daredevil or Jessica Jones really
Matt can moan about saving Hell’s Kitchen all day; I still don’t give a fuck

23:39 Daredevil as a show is so clumsy
23: 42 I mean Jessica Jones had a purpose. Daredevil just … exists. Style over substance all the way

‘Ye look at dis stunt lit all orinj’
Mike Colter looks so slick in a suit too

All he wears in The Good Wife is slick suit after slick suit
With more colours

23:45 Police officer: Who do you think this guy was trying to call?
Misty: Ghostbusters
23:48 This shot, man

23:49 “I ain’t here to spank you”
23:50 ‘fake-ass Ray Charles’
23:51 Gahhhh even this low-angle shot crawling up to Luke as he’s sweeping out front. I just love it
23:52 “You gotta Jedi mind-trick them into something”
23:55 Omg the Councilwoman using hand sanitiser after touching all these kids haha. I was wondering why she was stroking them all so much
Nice characterisation moment
23:57 “For black lives to matter, black history and black ownership must also matter.”
Can’t imagine Daredevil or Jessica Jones even accidentally mentioning ‘black lives matter’


00:00 Stokes: Just like in Jamaica, y’know
Mariah: Yeah, well, we ain’t Jamaican
00:03 “He ain’t going nowhere. Not with all that ass in his face.”
00:08 Oooh this is the scene that appeared in the trailer. Stokes in front of the Biggie portrait, crown on his head
00:10 Yooooo this kid did not just spit at him
Stokes laughing and I don’t even blame him. That was a dumbass move
00:11 Kid barely even made a sound being beaten to death
And he didn’t give Chico up
I’m kinda impressed
00:16 “You know Benjamin Franklin said that ‘the only way that three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead’.”
Uh-huh and Pretty Little Liars had its own riff on that little ditty
00:20 Ohhhh this dude’s wrist snapping when he punches Luke’s face
00:21 The last dude left standing. He had no desire to stay ha ha
00:23 Now he owes his landlady rent money AND has to get her windows repaired lol


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