SOPHIE WATCHES | Supergirl (2016), 2.01 ‘The Adventures of Supergirl’

Supergirl has returned! My friend, Kat, and I have been very excited for the new season, and so of course we had a lot of reactions to share with each other.  As always, the time-stamps refer to when the message was sent, not where in the episode’s runtime the scene occurs.

16:31 I’m going to watch Supergirl in a minute

16:32 Okay

16:34 Awww in the recap when Kara says “allies” over the image of her flying with J’onn, she sounds so happy about it
Also I totally forgot she kissed his forehead. So cute.

They’re adorable

16:37 “Supergirl, be careful! You don’t know what’s in there!” It’s a white dude. It’s always a white dude. Any opportunity to insert a white dude.

16:38 I was going to say it could be a white woman but this show does not work that way

16:39 Most shows do not work that way

Also, if I was to cast someone as a villain, it would probably be a white dude.

Kat, that’s racist. #notallwhitemen
Ooohhh I like the new logo a lot.

It just occurred to me who this is probably going to be.

Isn’t it somebody called Mon-El?

16:40 I forget who Mon-El is. I thought it might have been Kon-El. Not to be confusing or anything.

He’s from another planet … called Draxis? Or is that something from Doctor Who?

Why not both

16:41 It probably is from both
Kara: where are we?
J’onn: [what he’s thinking] our new set, a result of production moving to Vancouver to keep in line with our reduced budget
[what he says, kind of] another DEO facility. We used it all the time in season 1. We just didn’t tell you about it because plot contrivances

16:44 Supergirl sounds just as angry as the audience

Do bats even bite?
16:45 She doesn’t feel pain anyway so I don’t understand why that was even a line lol
She might as well say “I’m scared of the dark”

Just because she doesn’t feel pain doesn’t mean it wasn’t unpleasant
16:46 Now I’m just imagining Batman wandering around and biting different people

16:46 They never actually explained why they are using this DEO facility instead of the other one. Alex just says “it’s kinda like the old one, maybe better”

“Let’s store the dangerous alien closer to huge numbers of people.”

16:47 There’s not even an “it had a bat infestation”
(Also I can totally imagine Batman biting people)

But not actually biting. Just sort of gumming at their arms

Omg whyyyyyy haha
16:48 When the needle broke off against this guy’s skin, I totally thought I was watching white-washed Luke Cage for a sec
16:49 Also I like the 360° camera movement as Kara circles around him
16:50 Oh fucking come off it, Winn conveniently learnt Kryptonian between seasons
16:51 ‘We realised there was very little point in him being on this show, so we decided to have a throwaway line about him gaining a new, useful skill, instead of showing him trying to learn it’
I bet he’s an expert now

Winn only shows up when convenient now though

16:52 As if there isn’t anyone more qualified in translating Kryptonian than the babyfaced Nice Guy
Such lazy writing

16:53 They decided that hacking was not the most useful skill in a show about aliens beating people up

16:54 “Find out something my team of highly trained alien experts can’t”
16:55 He is just a boy. Why is he suddenly being given work that highly trained experts get given?
And of course he is going to discover something. Because he is the wonder child
16:56 How have I never noticed before that Kara is taller than Alex?

16:57 I thought they were about the same height

I’ve never really thought about it, but there was definitely a slight difference in the scene I just watched
16:58 Ahhhhh Cat!!!
“They offered me a seat on the Venture but I turned them down” hahaha

Of course she did

Cat: I offer you the keys to the kingdom and you just go to sleep
Kara: It was night time

I love Kara
And Cat

17:00 Cat only slept 2 hours. How is she always so focused and conscious?
Kara: What do you think?
Cat: I think that is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard
I just laughed so loud
Man, I’ve missed Cat Grant
17:02 Also as if Kara has the chance to choose her job lmao. Don’t we all wish life worked like that

If only

17:04 “This lettuce is drowning. It’s floating on a sea of ranch like little Kate Winslets in Titanic

So dramatic

Kara: She went to Yale
Cat: So did George Bush
17:07 That Venture malfunction must have been very expensive

I’m sure

17:10 A family cycles up to them after saving Venture
Kara: I usually say ‘hi’
Clark: Me too

17:11 They’re so cute

17:12 Awwww Clark and Alex hugged
“Your father means a lot to me”
I like that they suggest a history of him visiting and knowing the family

It’s good, and makes sense for him to have left Kara there

17:14 Oh no, J’onn and Kal-El don’t get on 😦
17:15 “Your cousin smells terrific”
17:18 Wild to think Kara was stuck in the Phantom Zone for about 25 years
17:19 “I’ve got some sway with Cat Grant”


Alex: So what happened between you and Superman?
J’onn: Nothing
Alex’s facial expression is like ‘uh-huh, suuuuure J’onn’

Literally no one believes him

17:21 “It just seems like– [J’onn walks off] … this conversation’s over.”
Kara: You really have that klutzy thing down don’t you
Clark: Ah yeah, uh, no, that was actually real
They’re both just so smiley, I love it
Clark and James have their own handshake that includes a salute

17:23 Super Bros

Omg I just realised KARA’S DRESS HAS POCKETS


I thought she looked so comfortable and casual when she walked out of the elevator.
17:24 She has her hands in them lol
17:25 Cat is all flustered about Clark showing up

She uhh makes a few passes.
And is not subtle

17:27 She thinks Clark is in a poly relationship with Superman and Lois omg

I know
Clark I know you never lie
But the situations you get yourself into

17:28 He did not think that one through haha
The way he whispers “sway” over his shoulder with a wink. omg
17:29 “She actually sent him a drunk text once. It was … it was florid.”

17:30 James is being too nice about that message I feel

James is a sweetie

17:31 I feel like this is the episode where he gets fucked over

British villain!
Remember the boring British dude who played Dr T Morrow?


17:32 “I call it … ‘Red Tornado’
Said in the most DULL voice ever
That was terrible line delivery

Otherwise that episode was fantastic
Oh I guess there was the awful Red Tornado design

17:33 This guy just killed the dude who was teaching him all about the drone. Foolish
17:35 Oh god that was bad. He just snapped “have I ever let the Luthors down?!” but it wasn’t very clearly delivered and the scene cut to black way too soon
That was weak
I feel like Donald Trump when I say that

17:36 PFFFT oh my god

17:39 I love that they both scan the room whilst Lena is monologuing
17:41 Kara trying to be all professional when she says “good day” lol
17:45 I bet fear of flying was another reason why Lena wasn’t on the space shuttle
I too would hate to ride in a helicopter
17:48 Lol now Lena is like ‘I really hate flying’

Can’t blame her

17:51 Callista really does deliver a great monologue
17:54 omg those explosions are pretty dramatic. Lena really had to dash off stage
I swear I saw a woman just trying to take pics lol

17:56 Are you really surprised?

“Officer! Thank God!” yeah cos this one police officer can stop all the explosions
17:57 “I don’t need a Star Wars reference right now”
But I do, Kara
They have to repair the building to stop it collapsing.
You know what would be useful here?
17:58 The power Superman used to rebuild the Great Wall of China with his vision, in Superman IV. I knew Kara would need that ability

17:59 Now would be a good time to develop it.
Or super weaving

Alex is so boss
18:00 Mate, Lena shot the bad dude
18:02 I love Cat’s little smirk as she listens to Kara
18:03 Cat has about 5 pairs of glasses on her desk
18:04 “You inspire me, Kara” ahhhhhh!
18:07 Awww Kal-El likes hearing Kara’s stories about home

18:08 It’s all so cute

18:09 Isn’t CADMUS the organisation that has Alex’s father?
18:10 So this red-head woman Brenda Strong plays is someone connected to all of that?


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