SOPHIE WATCHES | Humans (2015), 1.01 ‘Episode One’

In late June I started watching the Channel 4 series, Humans, and sent my friend my live reactions.  If you’re familiar with previous iterations of my ‘Sophie Watches’ posts, you’ll notice there is a slightly different format for this one: there are no time-stamps in the conversation, and this time it’s my friend R (Tumblr) who got involved.  She had not watched the show before but became quickly invested, as I suspected she would.  As ever, spoilers will feature.

I’ve just started watching Humans.  I know: me watching British TV? Shocking.

British TV hasn’t been good in ages.

Oh God this teenaged girl just said “Dad, don’t come in, I’m masturbating” to stop her dad entering her room and it was so bad.  Why do people write these things? It was meant to be edgy dialogue to show she’s a cynical teenager but it’s just cringe.

I’d love to know who found a teenager comfortable talking about anything sexual to a parent.

I think they’re a myth but supposedly they exist.  Also, this girl has a pellet gun.

That I can believe 😀 [R likes guns]

Her issue is basically ‘what’s the point in me doing well at school when in any job I get I will just be replaced by an android eventually anyway’ so she keeps shooting androids.

Aw no, the poor androids 😦

Also this old, forgetful American dude is really attached to his android, even though it’s really old and malfunctioning.

Robot rights!

It knocked a lady over in Tesco or wherever so he has to get it scrapped.

Stop it! I have feels for the robot already.  I want one of those cleaning roomba things.

Also when his social worker came over to tell him about his android upgrade that he needed to get, he had his malfunctioning android hide in the wardrobe so he could pretend it was out, because he doesn’t want it to be replaced.

Sophie, please, I want to protect this poor robot so much.  If you tell me it dies, I will cry.

1.01 Odi_GeorgeHere he is trying to help his android repair its memory because it has malfunctioned so much.

I am legit invested in this impaired robot

Little Sophie wants the android played by Gemma Chan to read a story to her


The dude who played Merlin is trying to find his old android friends.  He just went to an android brothel to tell his friend Niska that he can’t help her escape yet so she has to stay there.  Except she’s not like the other androids.  She has emotions.

Now some guy is talking about the Singularity.

The old dude won’t let his android be recycled.  Oh man, I just realised what’s going to happen.  Sorry.


You’re lucky.  The robot remembered things.

I can’t take the pressure

So it was spared.

It better be.  I am not even joking, I am super invested.  WE DON’T RECYCLE FRIENDS.

But I don’t know how the old dude is gonna deal with the police.  And I know you are.  I know how you feel about robots.  He wasn’t going to let it be recycled.

Can he tell his android to punch out the police? The old dude is my hero.

Meanwhile, Jen from The IT Crowd is making lasagne and talking about classical music with her android Gemma Chan.

Ha, now she is watching Channel 4 News.

Ewwwww noooo.  Her husband who was the one who actually purchased the android is going through all the product info leaflets and found the one about the 18+ features.

No to sexual slavery.

Awww, Anita (Gemma Chan) really likes staring at the moon.  “The moon is beautiful tonight, don’t you think?” She is you.  Laura is spooked because Anita is meant to be charging but there she is, walking outside and having opinions on the moon.

Oh Niska …

She’s not like the other androids in the brothel.  She knows what’s happening to her and she feels emotions.  It’s horrible.

Oh I think Anita kind of kidnapped Sophie.  She seems to have bad dreams and apparently that was her way of dealing with them.

Noes to sad robots

Suffice to say, R subsequently also watched the show, so expect to see some of our discussion of its themes and storylines coming up soon.

Do you watch the show? Is Odi the most precious malfunctioning android you’ve ever encountered? Do you want to just give Niska a hug? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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