DISCUSSION | Humans (2015), 1.01 – 1.03

If you read my live recaps of the first three episodes (1.01, 1.02 & 1.03) of the Channel 4 & AMC co-production, Humans, you will know that I also managed to get my friend, R, deeply invested in the show at the same time (she is easily overcome with robot feels).  It should come as no surprise, then, that she too eventually decided to watch it, and of course I told her to keep me apprised of her feelings and reactions so that we could discuss the series in a little more depth.  As follows is our discussion of the first three episodes, edited for the sake of brevity.

Right.  I am watching Humans.  I dislike this whole family except Sophie.  I cannot deal with George and Odi.  This is more feels than anticipated.  I was not prepared.  He [Odi]’s just in a cupboard.  He thinks they’re playing hide and seek.

Oh my God, I’m so happy you’re watching!  The family got on my nerves a bit to start with, except for Laura, but eventually I really liked her, and Mattie is pretty great.  Sophie is hilarious in season 2.  The dad is fail.  I can’t even remember his name.  The son is kind of fail but decent I suppose.

And I told you fucking Odi is ultimate feels! Oh God, I want to be watching this with you.  Or at least also watching it.

Laura irritates me.  Mattie is so overly bitchy.  I actually get the dad right now.

Mattie really annoyed me in the first couple of episodes.  Laura has a pretty great arc, especially in season 1.

Odi is immediately catapulted to my favourite robot. [This is very high praise.]  I really was not prepared for how adorable he is and George’s protectiveness.

I waaaaaarned you.

I was already super invested and now I am scared of how much more invested I will become.

There are a lot of great characters in this show.  You will become so invested.


What did she do?

She said “go away, dad, I’m masturbating”.

Ha, I told you that line was awful.  I hate when British writers try to make their teen characters edgy like that.  It’s so cringe.

Yes! Me too! And I feel some family therapy is necessary.

You’re not wrong there.

No! Why?! Leave Odi alone.  I am going to punch everyone.

You are in for a ride when it comes to Odi, to be honest.

Odi & George
Odi malfunctions in the supermarket

I keep pausing to mentally compose myself because I am so absorbed by the little nuances.  GEORGE SAID ‘PLEASE’.

It is a surprisingly complex show.  George and Odi have a beautiful relationship.

Oh my God, the lady who is having physical therapy.  Her partner is so rejected.  To be honest, that robot wins.

She was an interesting side character.  Her husband goes through some interesting development.  Another well rounded character.

Niska screamed.  I just want to hug everyone.  Oooh she killed a man.  You go girl.

Oh Niska.  I’m so proud of her.

There she goes.  Hot damn, that’s impressive.

[Some time later]

OH EEEP.  Anita wants Laura to feel valued.  Oh family feels.  I just love all the bonding.

Anita & kids
The Hawkins kids (l-r Sophie, Mattie, Toby) show their gratitude to their synth, Anita, after she saves Toby’s life


Niska, you are not Candy.

What episode are you on??

Three.  Oh this hookup is funny.

It is.  Niska is so awkward.  I love her so much.

She grabbed a knife! Nooo.  Do not stab him.  He is a good dude.

That whole scene is amazing in all the unexpected ways.

Sob.  Why is everyone so human?



Oh Odiiiiii.

Gentle weeping here.

I am weeping in solidarity.

Okay, episode 3 done.  That is enough for today.  I was intrigued by the idea of whether loving your kids was inherent or chosen.

Yes I was fascinated when Laura brought that up.  This show explores so many themes. How did the episode end?

Mia’s code was uploaded to the internet.

Ooohh the different stories start converging soon.

Oh gosh, I’m not ready.  I get so distracted by side characters.  Like that guy Niska didn’t kill because he had a kid.  I am sad because he’ll think he was rejected for having a kid.  And now will he be deeply hurt? Will he find love????

It was more that she didn’t kill him because she realised that he wasn’t lying.  Because she found the hair tie and thought he was having an affair so I guess she decided that he was deserving of death but then she realised the hair tie was his daughter’s.  He’s probably just thinking “what a fucking weirdo” ha ha.  “Why did she have my knife?!”

Yeah I thought it was the kid’s.  I might have missed something.

That’s how I read it.  Because he joked about having another woman in the next room and she was visibly not impressed.  Then she found the hair tie and was really not impressed so she grabbed the knife.  Then he mentioned his kid and I think she figured it out … and just left the knife there, ha ha.

So she’s going around scoping people to kill? Now this dad is sad and alone.

I think she’s just waiting for humans to show that they are terrible people.  She’s not had any great interactions with them.  So she has yet to learn to trust or like them.

True.  No more brothels.

You find out a bit about her backstory which definitely puts that into perspective but well, yeah exactly.  The brothel was not a great introduction to humanity for her.

Ugh, no definitely.  Sob, does Odi ever get less glitchy, by the way?

Odi does not get less glitchy, bless him.

Does he get a blanket?

He probably does get a blanket, yes.

Does he get looked after?

He does get looked after again, yes.

I am going to be a failure at work, thinking about robots.  I hope you’re happy.  [I am.  I’m very happy.]

So there’s lots to discuss: is Mattie’s masturbating line the actual worst? Is our love for our children inherent or do we choose it? Is my analysis of Niska’s choice not to kill the City guy accurate? And will R be able to cope with the onslaught of robot feels yet to come? Answers in the comments!


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