DISCUSSION | Humans (2015), 1.04 – 1.06

R and I discuss episodes 1.04, 1.05 and 1.06 of season 1 of Humans, and it’s pretty emotional.  As always, spoilers feature.  TW: some references to sexual abuse feature in this discussion.

Mattie slapped a dude at this party who was going to rape the unconscious robot.

Mattie at the party! That was when I started to really like her.

Yeah she really gained my respect too.  Also she hacked Mia and that made me happy.


Ooh Niska is out prowling.

That is so the right word for it.

ROBOT RIGHTS, DAMN YOU! This fool just gave Niska an invite to the war.  Oh God, she is going to cause a bloodbath.  I am so here for this.

I’m so proud of her.  That scene is really a lot.

They beat up a robot friend.  OMG MULTIPLE BEATEN UP ROBOTS.  I want to hug all of them.

I know, it’s harrowing.

YEAH! Beat them up! Oh these poor androids. She’s euthanising them.



Oh I knew it! I knew that Karen lady wasn’t normal.

Yessss.  I was really impressed by that actress [Ruth Bradley].  She has a really interesting arc.

I was going to ask you if she was an android but I didn’t want to look stupid if I was wrong. [I think in the month between my watching and her watching, R managed to forget a lot of the things I told her about, because I definitely mentioned this.]

It wouldn’t be stupid; there’s a reason it’s not easy to tell with her.  [For starters, she has brown eyes, which none of the other androids do.]


How is the scene with Dr George and Niska going?

She’s quite obnoxious.

She’s very socially awkward.

I got in a mind muddle.

How so?

About nature/nurture.

Oh? Season 2 really explores that as well with one of the new characters.

For robots, surely it’s all nature because they’re wired and coded.  But then learning from experience clearly happens.  Is that learning the reason for the conscious androids’ different personalities or were there inherent differences?

You’ll soon learn why the conscious ones are different.

Pure nurture is a very alien concept.  Personality without any in-built scaffolding is a very cool thing.

With a new development in season 2, you start to see much more blurring between the two as well.  It’s really interesting.  We can discuss it in depth once you’re caught up.  I’m so excited that there’s going to be a third season.


ODI ODI ODI ODI.  HE’S FALLEN.  HE’S IN A PILE OF LEAVES. I paused because I want to cry.  A jogger just poked him with his shoe.  Sob.

Odi and George
Odi and George reunited at last


[At this point I started watching as well, syncing up with the scene that R was on.]
Lol at George describing Niska as ‘ominous’.  He is insightful though.

Ominous is the right word.  Oh George, you cold reader you.

Oh George.

Oh George, exactly.

His shaking hand with the can opener.  “Forget should.  It’s just ‘do I regret it or not?’” [He and Niska discuss her feelings regarding the man she killed in the second episode.]

I am stupidly invested.  Awww, she’s 9.  Awwwwwww.

Her little smile when she says she’s 9 is so cute.  And his laugh.

No.  Oh Niska.  Oh damn.

This scene is a lot.  [Niska reveals to George Millican that she has been sexually abused by David Elster, her creator (and Leo’s father).  She also mentions that her siblings don’t know about this part of her history.] See what I mean about her not having any good experiences with humans in the past? And the others don’t know about it.

Oh well damn, that makes a ton more sense.  You were so right.  That is ridiculously human.  She shows the signs of a child sexual abuse survivor.  Oh sob.

Exactly.  It makes the brothel experience even more horrific. [Not to mention, when Leo visited her in the first episode, she asked him to help her get out and he made her stay there.  Understandably, she refused to stay for much longer.]

Oh damn, this episode is a huge amount of sadness.  Oh Sophie, complex and layered characters.  I love this.


Are you on the Laura scene? [Laura reveals to Mattie the dark secret she has kept hidden from everyone for decades: her younger brother died as a child whilst she was responsible for looking after him, over which her mother has blamed her ever since.]


Laura tells Mattie about her childhood whilst ‘Anita’ stands passively beside them

It puts all her anxieties about parenthood into perspective.

Yeah, it really does.  Oh Anita, please.  She’s just sat there in the car.

The slow zoom in on Anita whilst Laura and Mattie are talking is so effective, moving in until she fills the frame.

She’s talking to them.  Her hair is still perfect.

“Don’t be afraid.”  Oh bless her.

HER SON. [Mia suddenly resurfaces from beneath her Anita programming; Leo is like a son to her and she wants to be reunited with him.]


Max’s prayer is so sweet.  “Hello, I have two brothers, and two sisters.”

It was so lovely.  Oh my God, I adore him.

“I will be available to assist you in any way I can, and I will try to believe in you.”

Yeah! That line!


Oh lol, this couple and their synth.  Oh Simon, no.  Oh Jill, noes.

“Hello Peter, I’m in the middle of intercourse with your wife.”  “If you power me down now, I’ll be unable to penetrate your wife.”  That was a really bad mod.


Oh if only people actually worked like this and you could see their memories on screen.

That would be cool.  I liked Max teaching Leo to trust humans.

Oh no.  These memories.  This is dark. [Leo shows Mattie his memories, revealing how his mother and he drowned in a car when he was young, how his father brought him back to life by making him part-machine, and his teenage years growing up with Mia, Niska, Max, and Fred as his family.]

So there we have storylines starting to converge as the different factions – Niska and George, Leo and the Hawkins family – start to meet one another and piece together their respective parts of the puzzle.  Next time, R gets distraught as we close out the season with the last two episodes.


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