SOPHIE WATCHES | Humans (2015), 1.07 & 1.08

I watched the final two episodes of Humans‘ first season and continued to inundate R with messages about it.  Eventually she stopped replying.  Which is kind of understandable.  Spoilers for the season finale.

Okay, episode 7.  I’ve just figured out something messed up about Karen, the android detective lady.  The inventor dude created her as a doppelgänger of his dead wife, Leo’s mother.


Also I realised a cool subtle character thing about Laura earlier [In hindsight, I … cannot recall what this was.]  The plotting on this show is pretty great.  Laura is another really great character who I really feel for, and I love that she’s played by Katherine Parkinson.

Awww Mia and Laura are hugging.  Lame husband is still being lame.  He’s not doing anything much, it’s just his perpetual state of being.

Oh wow, it is all happening at Dr Millican’s.  The android detective, Karen, turned up looking for Niska.  She wants Niska to kill her.  The Doctor realised the android creator dude tried to create an android version of his wife.  The health service android reported that she had found Odi the malfunctioning android “concealed in a wardrobe”. She’s such a busybody.

The insecure detective has realised his partner is the doppelgänger of the android creator’s dead wife.  Sooo many revelations, so many developments.

Oh noooooooo! Omg.  This is sad.  A dramatic thing happened. [Karen accidentally shot George and Niska couldn’t save him.]  But then at the saddest moment it was suddenly hilarious. [Odi states matter-of-factly “You have died, George”.  I swear it’s funny.]

It better not be malfunctioning android death.  If that happens I will be depressed for a month.

The malfunctioning android did not die.  But it was involving him.

Ok … good.

You need to watch this.  Niska is hilarious.  Leo sent her to Laura’s house because she was no longer safe, so Niska and Mia are now reunited.  Little Sophie asked Niska “has your hair always been like that?” and she replied “has your face always been like that?”

“Niska, be nice,” Mia chided her.  Niska’s response: “why does everybody keep saying that?!”  I love her.

Lame dad is such a waste of space.  Mia just told him that she was aware the whole time he he had sex with ‘Anita’.  Then she and Niska heard a car and Niska instantly grabbed the nearest object to brandish as a weapon.  She’s such an unruly houseguest.

Ooh, emergency android surgery.  I love it.

Oh my God, I can’t with Niska.  She went up to Sophie’s room because there were too many people downstairs so now she is playing with Sophie and her dolls.  Niska’s choice is a dinosaur.

Sophie [as Arabella, the doll]: “What should we do now?”

Niska: “I don’t know, Arabella.  Perhaps we should rest.”

Sophie: “Or maybe we should go on holiday to America!”

Niska: “That doesn’t make any sense.  We just got back from our holiday to Spain.”  She’s so confused by roleplay, haha.

Leo finally showered for the first time in probably months.

Lame dad is being grumpy whilst playing football.


Okay, so a summary of the season finale because I know you must be eagerly awaiting it:

The androids and Leo got captured but Laura’s family saved them.  Then they hid in a church and the android creator’s dead wife’s android doppelgänger (Karen) joined them so the androids and Leo could all mind-meld because their creator hid something in their code that, when they all joined, would show them the key to giving other androids consciousness.

So in this weird android astral plane they all held hands around this giant tree in really over-saturated lighting and Karen the dead woman doppelgänger android was going to let them get locked in the mind-meld but Mia appealed to her and saved them.  So they learnt the secret David Elster hid in them.  Then Karen left but her old detective partner, Pete, found her so now she is not alone.

Meanwhile the gang were trying to decide what to do with their newfound knowledge but knew that they had to go on the run.  So, my girl Niska put the code on a portable hard drive which she gave to Laura to keep safe whilst they’re still deciding whether to use it.  Then she told the other androids that she wasn’t going with them because she wants to figure out who she is.  So she left on a train.

Fred had to be switched off and hidden under a blanket because he had been hacked and was being used to track them all.

Mia gave Laura another hug and it was adorable.  Then she left with Leo and Max and the human family were left just trying to take it all in.  Back home, Mattie realised one of her hard drives was missing, and Laura seemed to realise that Niska must have taken it.  Cut to: Niska on a train, smiling to herself as she holds onto a hard drive with the secret to android consciousness stored on it.  And that’s the end of season one!

And so that concludes the first season of Humans.  Pete ultimately redeemed himself by being there for Karen when she desperately needed to not be rejected.  So well done, Pete.
Do you agree that Odi’s last line to George was tragic yet hilarious? Should we get a whole episode of Niska and Sophie role-playing with dolls? (The answer is unequivocally ‘yes’.)  Will we ever see Fred again or will he remain under a blanket forevermore? (Presumably that’s where he was during the second season.)


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