SOPHIE WATCHES | The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

And so, my friend Madeline is initiated into my live-blogs hall of fame! She was at work, but that didn’t stop me from letting her know all about the increasingly wacky weirdness of Peter Strickland’s The Duke of Burgundy, which I’ve been meaning to watch since its release a few years ago.
Hopefully you know the drill by now: I watch something and simultaneously send messages about it to a friend in the hope that they’ll eventually respond.  Obviously, spoilers feature.

I’m starting the kinky butterfly film.

omg wtf wtf wtf I think she just peed in her mouth.

ohhhh my god this is just some really elaborate role play.
I can only assume/hope she did not actually pee in her mouth.

Now there is a kaleidoscopic sex scene.

This crowd scene is all women. They’re all sat there listening to this lecture.
Wait, there is also a mannequin sat with them.
They’re all listening intently to recordings of butterflies.

This film is trippy.

She has a script of what to say to her sub haha.

Ooohhhh I think we might find out what actually happened in the bathroom.
I know you’re obvs busy but I’m just gonna live blog this at you lol.

This lady drinks a lot of water.  And she has a gorgeous cat and an amazing house.

The sub wants to get caught out not doing what she was told to do.  Whyyyy is this so funny?

Haha this cat never moves.  It just lies in the same place.

omg this is hilarious.  “Try to have more conviction in your voice next time.”

All these terrible wigs she has.

Now there is a whole scene about how to distinguish different butterflies.  There’s weird female butterfly expert politics.

Omg I caaaaan’t.  She has her tied to a foot stool, lying down, and is just sat on her face.

Another woman has arrived to take measurements and it’s very sexual and alluring.  I feel like I recognise her but I really doubt I’ve seen her in anything. This film and its cast is too obscure.

The sub’s really excited to place an order with this carpenter lady who makes custom beds that you get locked inside of.
She’s upset it takes 8 weeks to make.

“I’m afraid there’s a lot of demand” hahaha.

lol you blew up my messages. Okay let me read what you wrote. I’m on break.

WTF lol I’m just on your third.

I’m sorry, I can’t watch this film and not tell you about it.  I hope your shift is going ok.

It’s really slow but holy shit this film sounds kah-razy

We finally find out the sub’s name almost halfway through the film.

“Would a human toilet be a suitable compromise?”

… wha?

Do I even want to know what that means?

I’m gonna say no.

The sub is like “really?” all interested but Cynthia is like “I have to go now” lmaoo.

Even if I was watching this with you, I’d still be so confused.  I hope it won all the awards though.

I don’t know if it won many awards lol but it was well reviewed.

I’m so baffled by this human toilet concept but Evelyn is really interested.

Cynthia is kind of heartbroken because she’s realising she’s finding it hard to indulge further and further in her woman’s fantasy.

Evelyn has kinks.

You can say that again.

Wow the cat has moved. It’s on the bed with them.

I like how I have one friend who is watching a freaky sexual butterfly film and another who is at a Paul McCartney concert.

Despite how weird this film is, I’d still rather watch it than go see Paul McCartney.

McCartney SmmaCartney


Rrr I have to go, but keep the messages coming.


Evelyn has so many rules about how to do the roleplay and Cynthia is losing patience. Also she has piercing blue eyes.

Omg now she’s convinced her to tie her up and lock her in a chest.  Cynthia’s concerned for her and is asking if she can breathe and Evelyn is getting frustrated with her for ruining the illusion of the fantasy.

I think their safeword is the Latin name for some butterfly.  She’s woken up in the middle of the night all ‘oh yeah you’re locked in a box’.

Evelyn got a mosquito bite whilst sleeping in the box. Cynthia is like “I told you it’s more fun to sleep with me”. Evelyn is like “maybe you can put me back in there but untie me”.  Cynthia’s having none of it.

I can’t see all this ending well for them.

There’s a lot of moments where I can’t really describe to you what’s happening because it’s just abstract zooming in on reflections and leaves and bokeh, with voiceover of Evelyn whispering “this is all I’ve ever dreamed about”.

Ohhhh my god. The way she’s constantly telling her how to put more effort into the roleplay.

They did the bathroom thing again but I’m still not sure what happened with the pee thing.

Now they’re just listening to this butterfly noise on vinyl.

“I’m struggling to see why I bothered to buy you a whole wardrobe.”
“I need an instruction manual to get into half the things you buy me.”

Evelyn didn’t feel motivated to offer Cynthia help because she’s wearing ‘shabby’ pyjamas, i.e. not dressed according to her fantasy.

Meanwhile this fucking buzzing from the butterfly is playing this entire time.

Evelyn snaps her fingers when Cynthia snores but now she is doing it from within the box and the cat is so fucking confused.

There are so many flashing images of butterflies, I might actually dream about them tonight.

“I need to sleep if you’re going to put me in the trunk tonight.”
“That’s news to me.”
“It would be nice if you did it without having to be asked.”

Honestly this girl is getting really rude towards her.  Damn, she has nice legs in this white lace dress though.

Cynthia is dressed like Minerva McGonagall.

Oooohhhh did Evelyn get caught polishing another woman’s boots??

These all-female lectures on insect larvae are so weird.  In this tiny remote European town.

She had to make a cake for her own birthday.  She didn’t even get to blow out the candle.

Cynthia is eating the cake.

Oh dear it’s starting to turn cruel now.

Cynthia ignored the safeword and kept eating the cake with her foot over Evelyn’s mouth. Evelyn silently cried.

Now she’s sat in a field of wheat singing by herself.

Their neighbour is angrily snapping branches over her thigh.

The use of reflections in this film is amazing.

Cynthia opened her legs and there was a really slow close up on her crotch shrouded in darkness until it transitioned into a huge moth flying in the night.

Ohhhh I knew this scene was gonna be weird.  Cynthia heard Evelyn whispering the safeword in the middle of the night so she went over to unlock the chest, opened it up and there’s a skeleton inside.  There was a scream outside.

Now she’s wandering through the woods in the dark.  She found the chest in the woods and opened it. Evelyn is bound inside.

Ohhhhh my god now the camera is zooming out of Cynthia’s crotch.

Now Evelyn is wandering around blindfolded in the dark with hundreds of moths flying around her???

Now the screen is taken up entirely by moths.  Some are right up on the camera lens.  It’s really intense bursts of colour and movement under extreme close up.

Ummmm don’t watch this if you’re prone to epileptic fits would be my advice.

There are some really beautiful close ups but every image appears in quick succession so it’s a pretty dizzying effect.

Evelyn wants to be sat on again.  Cynthia complied but she wasn’t even reading the book that she was flicking through.

The butterfly people’s institution has closed for winter.

Now there is a montage of Cynthia getting dressed in her costume, Evelyn going back in the chest, then Cynthia removing her wig and false lashes the moment it’s shut.  They’re keeping up this charade even though things are so tense between them now.

Cynthia is getting really upset as she recites the dialogue in their roleplay.  She’s breaking.

Evelyn realises Cynthia can’t deal with the pressure and fears that Cynthia will resent her. Evelyn wants to prove she loves her and will change for her.

They’re removing the chest from the bedroom and burning all her instruction letters.

The film ended where it started! omg I’m so confused haha.  They decided to stop but then it ended with where the film started with them doing the roleplay.

Whaaaaat even?!

Oooh I think it was filmed in Hungary.

Lol what a wild ride. So this is definitely worth watching?

I suppose??? I need to read all about it now lmao.

It’s a really beautifully made portrait of a relationship essentially, with some odd quirks like the fact there are no men in it, nor even mentioned in it.

I just remembered the mannequin sat with them at the lecture paha.

This would be a great film to watch whilst drinking cos it’s weird af but there is also some intentional comedy in it.

Also I read some reviews for clarification and yes she definitely did pee on her, so there we have it.

Have you watched this film? Do you want to discuss it? Hit me up on Twitter @cake_emu, where I have already talked quite a lot about this movie.  And if you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps my comments have convinced you to check it out …


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