REVIEW | ‘Humans’ 3.01

This episode took a gamble with tone – one that did not totally pay off – and returned with a memorable action setpiece that will have lasting effects on the story, but ultimately it is the quieter, interpersonal moments that remain the series’ strength, and it continues to ground huge thematic dilemmas in pleasingly laid-back domestic interactions.

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15 Most Shocking Moments in ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 2 (Part 1: 15-11)

Victory never comes easy for Team Wynonna, and season 2 only cemented further for its characters that life is filled with difficult choices and unpleasant surprises. Take a closer look at the 15 most shocking moments of the season, starting with these five.

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REVIEW | The delightful absurdity of ‘Alien Covenant’

What could have been a onenote sci-fi / action romp is instead elevated by a sub-plot involving a character so operatically offbeat, so comfortable in his idiosyncrasies, that he offers a welcome distraction from the tedium of yet another generic monsters-in-space offering. ┬áDavid the egocentric synthetic steals the show and defies the odds, to make ‘Alien Covenant’ one of the most unexpectedly memorable sci-fi blockbusters in recent times.

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REVIEW | ‘Supergirl’ takes steps in diversifying on-screen representation

Fans of Supergirl have had many reasons for being excited this past month since its second season premiered at its new home on The CW. Those who had wondered throughout season one if Superman would ever show up on his cousin’s show finally got their question answered when the Man of Steel made a guest appearance in the first two return episodes. But there was another cause for excitement …

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